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Kari randonnée au dessus d'un fjord
  • Writer's picture Kari & Jonathan

Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters (De Syv Søstre) are seven troll ladies according to a Norwegian legend. It is a monument in Nordland covering 7 summits, 3200 meters elevation gain and 26 kilometers.

We were waiting for the perfect weather to go, to be sure to enjoy the summits and the incredible views at the maximum. Once we had a good weather window, we were ready to go. We wanted to run the Seven Sisters.

The distance is not too long, but there is quite some elevation gain and rather rough trails. We felt in shape and we had smiles until our ears. We started by the south, where it is steeper indeed, but half the elevation gain is covered within the two first summits.

Jonathan started off with an impacting pain in the knee, the downhill was especially difficult on the two first summits. We kept going, keeping up a quite good rhythm. The landscapes and views were breathtaking, as we found ourselves in an alpine environnment above the sea.

During the long trail connecting the second and the third summit, the pain of Jonathan fortunately disappeared. Against all odds, it was then the turn of Kari to feel a sudden and violent pain in the knee. Despite this, we continued, admiring the wonderful scenery surrounding us.

Unfortunately, the pain of Kari became to the point of her having to limp her way forward. We had the possibility to escape at some point, but the will and desire to continue was too strong.

After the fifth summit, Jonathan considered to call the emergency observing the suffering of Kari, as the way was still long, the day got shorter and the pain grew bigger. But he had to let go off these thoughts remembering that she is indeed a true viking! She grit her teeth and continued to push through despite the injury.

We finally reach the seventh and last summit. The happiness was at its peak. We got to observe a magical sunset before we started on the last downhill of 6 kilometers. The pain was at its maximum for Kari, but knowing that the end was close was motivation enough to push through. We supported each other as a team, and Kari really appreciated the encouragement and help of Jonathan.

Only after 17 hours did we set foot on the ground. Kari ended up with crutches and realized that it is not always smart to be stubborn...


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