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Kari Toftesund & Jonathan Labarre
Adventurers - Speakers

Portrait de Kari et Jonathan sur un kayak de mer.

We are Kari and Jonathan, a French-Norwegian couple, adventurers and public speakers.

We are all about the outdoors, pushing our limits further every time on expeditions around the world.

Kari et Jonathan en ski pulka

Comfort Zone

Have you ever thought about what would happen if we stopped always taking the easy way out? The rewards are big and many if we dare to step out of our comfort zone.


The right attitude and mindset will enable us to see possibilities rather than limitations in the situations we find ourselves in.


If we are able to adapt ourselves to unexpected events and situations, we will be able to stand stable even when the ground is shaking.

"Today, everything is served on a silver platter. But the nature of human beings is to adapt, to learn and to discover."

Jonathan Labarre

Kari et Jonathan en ski pulka vus du ciel

Our last expedition

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