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Kari en ski pulka avec grand soleil


Together, we use our skills, and what we learn on our expeditions in extreme environments, and apply it to business and everyday life in an innovative and authentic way.

We do not only share our adventure stories, but also provide tools on how to achieve personal and professional goals, decision-making, adaptability and why you will find all the answers you are looking for on the other side of your comfort zone.

With our experiences combined with a grounded approach and sense of humor, we make sure to capture your attention. You will receive specific keys and methods gained from our expeditions, and how to implement them in your own life, as we take you on a journey showing how learning the hard way is sometimes unavoidable.

The biggest achievements and the quickest development happen outside of your comfort zone, which is the place where things really start moving in the right direction. The right attitude and mindset will enable you to see possibilities rather than limitations.

We will show you that when you think you have reached your limits, you can still go so much further.

"If we protect ourselves from failure, we also protect
ourselves from success."

Kari Toftesund

Some happy clients

"Jonathan and Kari shared a wonderful moment together with the OPH31 team. During their talk on the

topic "Successful projects require a strong team spirit", the two adventurers linked their expeditions in Norway with the importance of teamwork within a company. They highlighted certain essential values of daily life, such as the role of a leader, the value of a team and the understanding of the others, all through a captivating, informative and warm speech. Ultimately, these parallels between their travels and the everyday corporate life serve to underline the crucial need for a united team to achieve great things."

"Jonathan and Kari met with our young team of students who are traveling to Svalbard the summer 2023. Not only did they share their adventures with us but gave us valuable advice and information about how to dress appropriately for our trip to Svalbard. Wool or synthetic? Base layer? Mid-layer? Outer layer? How to layer to stay warm and dry. Our students appreciated their advice and are excited to follow their upcoming adventures."

"An exceptional presentation with a speaker who made us travel into the white immensities of the Scandinavian winter, who made us tremble through the story of the conditions he faced there, and who inspired us to believe in our own dreams by sharing his journey.

Jonathan was able to deliver a powerful and authentic message mixing anecdotes from his daily adventures and values ​​that are important to him like the surpassing of oneself and resilience. Impatient to see more!"


"I feel really lucky to have taken part in this talk. What a journey Jonathan and Kari have been on, and these life lessons are incredible. Personal experiences that benefit the public. Thank you."

Steeve B.

"Thank you and congratulations! This was an inspiring and moving presentation. Listening to such extreme experiences makes us put things into perspective. What life lessons about determination, leaving your comfort zone and never giving up. This talk highlights the power of being alive, of following your dreams and daring to change. Success is at the end of the tunnel of adversity. Thank you for your authenticity."

Kathy L.

"Having listened to Jonathan Labarre's talk, I'm still soaking up his captivating and inspiring account. Jonathan succeeded in transporting us into his world of adventure and exploration, giving us a fascinating insight into his journey from his former life as a firefighter to his daring exploits on the bike and his perilous crossings in the freezing cold of Norway with Kari.

His sharing of experiences was deeply instructive, inviting us to reflect on our own desire for challenges and ambitions. Without neglecting the many dangers that may lie ahead, Jonathan shows us that, with strength and conviction,

the impossible becomes possible.

Jonathan and Kari truly embody the spirit of adventure and perseverance. An experience not to be missed for anyone aspiring to push back their own limits and embrace the unknown."

Nicolas A.

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