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Kari randonnée au dessus d'un fjord
  • Writer's picture Kari & Jonathan


At the starting point, we were excited, a bit nervous but mostly happy to finally be there. No tracks or sign of anyone, anywhere. Exactly what we went for: wilderness! Our first kilometers took place under a rapidly changing weather: sunny, cloudy, windy, foggy and snowy. All of a sudden, we found ourselves at the mercy of the elements.

Making our own route, just the two of us, surrounded by snow covered surfaces on every corner.

The first night we were a bit slow to put the tent, to cook and prepare. We would need another try the next day to find our rhythm and set our routines. Every night we felt happy to find the comfort inside the tent, feeling at home in the middle of nowhere. Ending the days rewarded by the magic of the northern lights dancing above our heads.

We reached extreme temperatures during our crossing. The coldest measured was -36°C. We can confirm that when the temperature drops to very cold, everything gets more challenging to do, and every action has to be precise.

Even though the artic landscapes are quite repetitive, just endless white surfaces, we had some surprises every day. We observed fresh lynx tracks, a polar fox running by, breathtaking sunsets, and we even received a visit from reindeers by the tent. During the long effort of walking full days in the cold, we could leave our minds travelling and dreaming.

A several-kilometer-long descent marked the end of our expedition. Happy to success our first longer ski-pulka crossing.


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