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Kari randonnée au dessus d'un fjord
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Ski touring Okstindan

The winter 2024 was quite poor in terms of snow. There was no possibility to go skiing around the house, and of course, the snow conditions were good only when I was absent... So with two friends of mine, Martin and Tony, we decided to go for a ski trip for some days. We drove direction Okstindan and treated ourselves with a lovely cabin with all the comfort we could dream of.

Every evening we spent time to check out the map to decide where to go the following day. The area was filled with forests, but there were pretty summits all around too. The only problem was that the condition of the snow was not at its best. Anyway, we were three friends, the weather was cold but quite good, so we had all the elements to spend a good time together. We were searching for steep couloirs and faces. The distances were long, so we had the time to look around us to dream about magical lines.

The first day, we climbed a summit and went down a wide and steep face. The snow was quite crusty, but it was pleasant to ski this face. The second day, we had to go far to reach a couloir. We started to climb it, until the slope reached 60 degrees. From there, we had to remove the skis, fix them on the backpacks, and climb by foot. The snow was extremely deep, and after some meters, having the snow until the upper body without being able to move, we had to give up and go down. The third day was a really good one, we went for a summit, skied down a steep face with an incredible snow and view. We rode a perfect line. From there, we climbed to the summit that we reached the first day, before to go down by another face. The fourth and last day, the conditions changed, it was extremely icy and crusty. We were not able to climb without falling down. We knew that the conditions to go ski down would not be great, so we simply decided to go back down. This trip was a very good moment shared with friends, we had good ski sessions despite the bad snow conditions. Take away; a day spent outside is always a good day!


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